Drill Through Concrete Without Causing Cracks

Arrange for core drilling services in Charlotte, NC

If you're installing water lines, sewer pipes or a radon mitigation system, you'll likely need to drill a hole through your concrete. But you want to make sure that hole doesn't cause cracks or structural damage throughout the concrete slab. That's where Charlotte Radon Testing comes in.

We provide wet and dry core drilling services in Charlotte, NC. Whether you need to drill through concrete, asphalt or granite, you can count on us. Reach out to us today to get asphalt drilling services from a team with over 16 years of experience.

How does core drilling help with radon mitigation?

You may be wondering how core drilling can help you reduce the amount of radon in your home or business. Well, it's the first step to getting a core radon mitigation system. After the hole has been drilled, you'll need to:

  • Remove soil to create a pit
  • Install a radon fan to the exterior of your property
  • Connect the pit to the radon fan using PVC piping
  • Attach an exhaust to your roofline

Don't keep living in a property with high levels of radon. Get concrete or asphalt drilling services today to start the mitigation installation process.