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Keep your loved ones safe. Turn to Charlotte Radon Testing for expert radon testing services in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Radon testing is all we do, so you can rest assured we do it right.

Radon is a dangerous gas that can enter homes and cause a wide range of health problems for the occupants. Our specialists can conduct in-depth tests to check the radon levels in your home or business. We can test your home for radon, provide you with a detailed report and suggest ways to reduce high levels of radon.

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Get the right radon test

Charlotte Radon Testing is a local radon testing company that serves communities in and around Charlotte, NC. We offer three kinds of radon tests, including:

  • Instant - tests radon levels within six minutes
  • Continuous monitoring - a testing kit reads radon levels in your home over the span of 48 hours
  • Charcoal absorption - air samples are sent to a lab for an in-depth analysis

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